Tales of the Iron Kingdoms Travelers Association


Ok so we got to Verlin and met up with TBD. She explained the situation of a smuggling op going on from Khador into Ord. With the clever use of our skills we managed to seduce the Quartermaster to get the powder needed to blow the place up. It was a rather brilliant plan. Except for the part where the explosion was so powerful that it knocked us all on our faces…#heroproblems. So Mornalo seduced her, we all carried the kegs of powder out to where the underground storage bunker was. We found the 2 hidden doors and upon knocking they were opened. Corval and Blake(n) rolled the kegs down the ramp into the bunker (after having set the Corval made timers to a slight delay) and proceeded to create as much distance between them and the ensuing carnage. BOOM! Faceplant #MissionAccomplished! We then informed the local military force that there would be one less problem for their forces when the impending Khadoran attacks fell upon them.

Seeing as our tasks had been accomplised we then began our journey back to Carre Dova.


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