Tales of the Iron Kingdoms Travelers Association

What we found

2 gunsmith kits
5 throwing axes
5 crossbows
10 bayonets
Great Axe pow 7 (Weston who gave it to Lawrence)
20 Military Rifles
2 Long rifles w/scopes
1 magelock rifle
2 grenade bandolier
5 bipods
3 brick heavy ammo (Clayson)
2 brick pistol ammo (Katelan)
20 pistol
2 magelock pistols
3 sets of throwing knives(10 in set)
1 box explosive grenades (50 count)
1 box smoke Grenades (50 count)
5 carbines
4 heavy rifles

Home Sweet Home?

You’d think that after spending some time away from our “home” we’d be happy to be back, spend a little bit of time kicked back, unpack and rest for… I don’t know… a minute at least right? Wrong! We couldn’t even make it back to the front door. Walking down the street we see this bonfire ahead of us. Now, I like a good bonfire now and then but there’s something not right about one in the middle of the street, surrounded by a group of unhappy locals, in front of our current residence. Corval, being the gentleman that he is approaches said group with Blake(n) at his side. After simply asking, “What’s going on here” he was attacked by a man. That’s when the carnage ensued.

Now, Blake(n) is rather protective of his comrades. When he saw this man swing at Corval, he himself raised his mighty warhammer and brought it down upon the aggressor’s skull, caving it in. You might say this could have angered the rest of the group into attacking us. Maybe we could have tried a more diplomatic route to pacify them. Regardless, they began to attack. Being in a heightened state of aggression when we arrive, many of them were able to send attacks of several natures at us before we were able to fully comprehend what had fell upon us. Nevertheless, am I not here to tell you of these events, fret not for our well being.

After the first volley of attacks from the mob, TBD draws her pistols and fires. The first shot strays, compensating for windage, air pressure, and movement speed of her targets, proceeds to send three rounds down range. Three men then fell to the ground.

Throughout the battle I saw Corval and Blake(n) soaking up damage, and dealing fatal blows. Hammers falling upon skulls, sparks flying.

I aim down my scope at my first target. One from which I felt a magical pressance. I didn’t feel the need to figure out what spells or destruction he was capable of. Casting a spell into the round I squeeze the trigger, the body is launched several feet away. He doesn’t stand again. Next target was another spell caster. I terminate him in a similiar manner.

I hear an explosion. Grenades detonate at the feet of the warcasters. I see the men attacking them fall, bodies mangled. I see the glow of power shields, but no harm. Friendly fire working in our favor.

The battle “raged” for another 6 seconds with the four of us standing above our fallen foes. Waiting to see what awaits us within our home.

(Had to leave, I’ll get back to this soon)


Ok so we got to Verlin and met up with TBD. She explained the situation of a smuggling op going on from Khador into Ord. With the clever use of our skills we managed to seduce the Quartermaster to get the powder needed to blow the place up. It was a rather brilliant plan. Except for the part where the explosion was so powerful that it knocked us all on our faces…#heroproblems. So Mornalo seduced her, we all carried the kegs of powder out to where the underground storage bunker was. We found the 2 hidden doors and upon knocking they were opened. Corval and Blake(n) rolled the kegs down the ramp into the bunker (after having set the Corval made timers to a slight delay) and proceeded to create as much distance between them and the ensuing carnage. BOOM! Faceplant #MissionAccomplished! We then informed the local military force that there would be one less problem for their forces when the impending Khadoran attacks fell upon them.

Seeing as our tasks had been accomplised we then began our journey back to Carre Dova.

A recap of some of what's happened thus far.

So… there’s a lot that has happened thus far. We found ourselves in Carre Dova. Found ourselves trying to take on the gang of the Jackals. Running a few tasks against the Coyotes, a rival gang. First we blow one up, kidnapping a guy in the process. Then we take over a few jacks, and later kill all in the warehouse. Now we’re going to Verlin…

Next Session

You all have 100 gp a piece to select small attachment items that will be supplied to you by the Jackles for your first strike mission. They will expect success.

Chose your items between now and then (you are not making them yourselves)

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