Mornalo Fenix

Shoot 'em in the head!


Def-12, Arm-11, Initiative-13, Command range-6
PHY-5/7, SPD-6/7, STR-4/5
AGI-4/5, PRW-4/5, POI-5/5
INT-6/6, ARC-4/4, PER-3/5

Life Spiral:
Physique: 5, Agility: 4, Intellect: 6

Languages: Khadoran, Shyr

Heavy Rifle RNG-14", RAT-7, POW-12
Magelock (AKA super awesome peashooter) RNG-14", RAT-7, POW-10

RS Accuracy cost 1, boost next shot (for roll vs DEF)
RS Brutal cost 1, boost next damage roll
RS Thunderbolt cost 1, pused D3", prone if crit
RS Silencer cost 1, everything about the shot is (wait for it………) Silenced!!
RS Black Penny cost 1, ignore the fire into melee penalty

Archetype: Gifted (Will Weaver)
Combat Caster: +1 damage die, discard lowest number (115)
Magic Sensitivity: Automatically sense spells cast within 50’xARC. Can tune out low level spells as if they were background noise and focus on more powerfull spells if need be.

Crackshot: +2 if enemy has cover/concealment (159)
Dual Shot: Lose move to shoot again (161)
Marksman: Aim w/ quick actions (165)
Craft Runeshot: craft runeshot (for Magelock) (160)
Fast Reload: 1 extra quick action to reload (161)
Sniper: Boosted if aimed (167)

Detection (PER)2=5
Sneak (AGI)
Climbing (AGI)1=5
Survival (PER)
Intimidate (social)1
Gunsmithing (INT)
Seduction (Social)2
Lore:Ord (INT)


Its an odd thing; the phenomenon of the Black Sheep. They should be white. All sheep are white, why does this one think it can be black and no one would care? I grew up on a sheep farm, we only had white sheep. My job was to protect them. I’d sit for hours on roof of the barn and watch them as they grazed. If i saw some nasty critter coming to harm them I’d simply lift my rifle to end its pathetic and futile attempt. Then one day, my father thought it prudent to expand out wool options and buy a black sheep. This he did while I was gone visiting family in the nearby town of Iryss. When I came home I took my usual spot atop the barn. Then I saw it, a black critter amid my flock. I steadied my rifle and took aim. I fired my shot and it was true, striking down the dangerous animal. I climbed down from my perch to clear the pasture of the corpse and as I neared the body my father joined me. No surprise to the anger when my father found I slew his newly purchased sheep. Shamed and disowned I left and joined the local militia.

Years later I was trusted with the task of tracking a band of Cryxan in the area. Not trusted by us we wanted them gone from our lands.

Hold on, we have reports of their movement. We move out in a few minutes…

Mornalo Fenix

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